Where Contemporary
Concepts Converge

For Journeys of Grand Proportions

Viagea is a breakthrough innovation that replaces all your specs and shades, by allowing you to effortlessly customize one pair for all life’s adventures.


Class, Creativity, Couture

Unearthing your identity requires change, so we innovated our glasses to transform alongside you too. We crafted the components, but you design the final form. Whether clean, chic, classy, or couture. To let your creativity flourish and authentic expression of self take flight.


No magnets, No screws, No kidding...

Our innovative eyewear designs disrupt the industry by omitting screws, rivets, and welding from your glasses, creating a sleek, futuristic style. Aesthetics are only half the battle. These modern designs also boast practical benefit, as they are more durable and long-lasting.

Eco-Friendly, and Built for the Future

With Viagea, one durable, long-lasting frame can serve multiple different functions. This greatly reduces the amount of wasted material (not to mention wasted money). Thanks to technology, we have made it easy for you to access different eyeglass frame and lens styles without 16.8 50.6 purchasing additional pairs.

Personal Engineered Precision

Carrying multiple pairs of glasses makes traveling and daily activities a chore. With interchangeable clip accents, one frame is all you need for eye protection, clarity, and style.

Temple Classic: Sleek, stylish, and comfortable daily wear.
Temple Sport: Lightweight and optimised for physical activities.

We’ve even developed an interchangeable frame with sports clips that stay on comfortably during the most extreme adventures. Resort hopping, city strolls, daily commutes and high-levels sports, Viagea lets you enjoy it all with class.

Engineered Eyewear Excellence

We have combined traditional Italian craftsmanship with industrial innovation at the highest level. Our patented technical innovations, along with carefully engineered details, have revolutionised modern eye-wear. Each frame is customised to your particular preferences and is hand finished & assembled in Italy.

Who We Are

Viagea serves to honor your unique journey to self-discovery. With interchangeable frames and clips to authentically express your individuality, Viagea enhances the voyage of self-reflection with the world’s most innovative, fully customizable bifocals.


Be Your Own Brand

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