V focused on the idea of our consumers possessing one pair of custom-made glasses that fit their face shape
and enabling them to express their own identities by affixing our frame charms.
V set itself this new avant-garde challenge to be ‘transformative’.

Our product is skilfully made by professional Italian manufacturers to ensure high quality. For the mix of classic and modern styles, we use Titanium and spring steel (metal) for the basic frame which will be the foundation for all the frame charms. Our design principles with optical precision are MADE 100% IN ITALY. For concept collections like leather from Florence, Hanji from Korea and Murano glass in Venezia, carefully selected suppliers were chosen to guarantee high quality.  With all metal parts made out of ionized plated hypoallergenic surgical steel, the glasses are extremely light in weight. Temple tips consist of rubber coated silicon to provide grip control. 

VIAGEA Design Studio is privileged to have motivated and enthusiastic people from various fields such as art, film, architecture and other creative intellectuals as eyewear makers. All those people work together to create something new and unique for our collections, combining their know-how from various fields.  Our design underlines our no-nonsense approach, arching projects for a range of international clients. With our Italian technicians whom has ages of experiences from the WEST and also for a deep understanding of clients from the EAST, our art director Mijin Lee has experience in fashion magazines and known as a lighting designer in Seoul, which specialize in whimsical continuous line- art. Her curiosity of craft and handmade elements has remained crucial in her works and her present environment. Her artistic development is being honed in Italy for a journey towards our eyewear products.
Our designs, for future introductions will involve several discussions and plenty of prototyping in order to reach ultimate desire of the best quality. No compromises is our philosophy.